Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OH SHIT IT'S WEDNESDAY. I mean... Freenow, noun, Planetary System

Freenow - 2011, n. Freenow a planetary system of 4 [Four] known gas giants orbiting a white dwarf-pulsar binary system.  The two largest planets have several moons apiece whose conditions could be favorable for harboring bacteria if temperatures allowed.  However, very little liquid water has been found thus far.  Surveillance of the system is limited by the slow advancement of interstellar probe technology.
pronunciation: "frey-now"

etymology: 9/27/11
Molly: i just got done wrestling a bear
i mean SAP
Molly: did nina tell you
wifi at jury duty is freenow
free now
the Freenow system is an enormous cluster of gas giants orbiting a pulsar about 60 million light years from earth.
Lisa: oooh
is there life?
Molly: some of the larger planets have moons that are possibly harboring bacteria, but only a few have liquid water and remotely breathable air.
Lisa: hmm
are the instruments calibrated for lifeforms that breathe sulfur?
Molly: they need to send probes, but it would take many years to reach them
Lisa: But I wanna know now! damnit, science.
Molly: they need better rockets!
Lisa: right??
let's build one

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All because I wanted a tomato sandwich.

Sorry I skipped two weeks.  Here's a funny conversation:

Molly:  your boyfriend is torturing me
Lisa: oh, is he?
Molly: yes
Molly: uh oh
he's cruising for a bruising from you now
Lisa: man alive
what is he doing?
he won't tell me
Molly: >.>
[redacted link to a facebook status update where ALEJANDRO WASQUEZ was STIRRING THE SHIT] [names may have been altered to protect the guilty.] Lisa: oh!
Molly: i would like to say in defense
that it is all his fault
all of it
nothing is mine
Lisa: of course.
Molly: bros before hos, lisa
Lisa: hahaha
Molly: he's the ho in this situation
Lisa: siblings before nibblings
Molly: um...
i don't.
Lisa: your loss
Molly: are you a vampire
you have to tell me it's the law
Lisa: that's a myth
Molly: nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Lisa: looooooooool

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Funny Chat - Brains and such.


Molly: i do
Molly: no
i won't
and you can't make me
Lisa: damnit ok fine
i'll just make the accomodations so uncomfortable you'll leave
[commences incredible coffee-drinking, starvation, and wrong lens prescription]
Molly: it's cool, by the time it gets to your brain it's basically inert
Lisa: tell my head that.
pain will envelope youuuuuu
Molly: nah
i'm cool
keep trying, though, it's like a massage chair
Lisa: -.-
Molly: ahhhhhh
*makes brain castles*

**LATER**  [more after the jump!]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caldenar - n, thriving Duchy.

Caldenar - noun, 2011. The peaceful Duchy of Caldenar is the largest royal estate on the planet of Jeldin, surpassing in size even the Kingdom of Derkan.  The chief export of Caldenar is a masterfully woven cloth, made from the hair of the domesticated Flyder, which is their national animal.  Caldenar is largely grassy, with great rolling planes perfectly suited to support the herbivorous Flyder, which then provides a plethora of byproducts from milk and fur to fuel and physical power for farming.  The citizens of Caldenar enjoy a relatively high standard of living and a temperate year-round climate.  Technology of Caldenar is equivalent to that of Earth's Ninth Century England.
pronunciation: "Kal-den-arr"

Etymology: 8/18/11
Molly: put it on the caldenar and i'll copy it to mine
Lisa: alrighty
Molly: Caldenar is a small duchy on the planet Jeldin.
Lisa: omg i read douchey
Molly: it's chief exports are woven cloth, dyed "wool" [not made from sheep, but rather a large hairy mammal called the Flyder] and organic milk.
Lisa: effin douchey planets
Molly: also from the flyder
Lisa: Flyder
are my favourite Caldenari critters
Molly: [mollexicon]
Lisa: oh right my job

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Funny Conversations

So, in light of the fact that I apparently suck at updating this thing on time, I've decided to broaden the entry categories to include hilarious conversations that don't have definitions in them. These will be tagged as "funny chats" and generally not contribute to the Mollexicon definition base, but are really easy to post. SORRY. Sometimes they end up being about a previous definition, though, so there's that.

And without further ado, our inaugural Funny Chat entry:

Lisa: back
Molly: oh hi
i didn't see you there
Lisa: ninja
Molly: you may have noticed that i am [computing, doing correspondence, building a robot]
i am so please you could join me today, as we learn about
[insert class title here]
come with me as we embark on a wonderful journey of learning!
[actress stands and walks to a giant screen, carrying a long pointer]
[tape reel cuts off]
that's all we know about how people we educated in the 1980s
after the great film famine of 1988, we lost some great historical documents
((are you ever going to stop me omg))
Lisa: Dude I have popcorn. I'm good with however long you wanna keep going.
Molly: hahahahahaha
Lisa: :-D
Molly: i'm done
but that was fun
Lisa: oh
[puts popcorn back on shelf and pouts]
Lisa: this is one of those convos that should go in the mollexicon archive as a seperate category
Molly: totes

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somet Hings, noun, renowned engineer

Somet Hings - n, 2011. Born two centuries before Abedila Curgle, Somet Hings was paving the way for the amazing generations to come with her many contributions to science and engineering.  After graduating top of her class from Glerac Hurglat University with double degrees in engineering and physics, Somat Hings turned her eyes to the sky and never looked back.  Six years after leaving GHU, Somat sought a patent for Gorflax's first inter-planetary spacecraft, capable of making a 225 million kilometer trek in 1 month, almost single-handedly making it possible to explore and colonize other worlds in the Centuron System.
Pronunciation: "So-met" "Hings" rhymes with "rings."

Etymology: 8/19/11
Lisa: Also I am now taping a show on animal planet called tanked that is apparently about people who make amazing fish tanks
Molly: kk
oh neat!
we need to clear somet hings off
somet hings was a Centuron physicist
she's credited with creating the first spaceship capable of inter-planetary travel.
Lisa: Ooooh
Molly: :D
in fact, space-ships from that era are referred to as "Somet-class" ships
Lisa: Oooooh

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wrird, noun, onomatopoeia.

Wrird - n, 2011. The soothing sound made by a particular flying creature on the planet Flarg.  

Etymology: 6/30/11
Molly: hunh
doctors are wrird
Lisa: yah
Molly: wrird is the sound a flying creature makes on Flarg
Lisa: all flying creatures?
Molly: no, just a particular one
Lisa: which one?
Molly: it's not a bird, per se, but it flies. they take pebbles into their mouths and then expel spit through them
the air and water makes a "wrirdrdrdrdrd" sound as it comes out
Lisa: oooh
Molly: lawl
i'll have to make another typo to come up with the name of the creature

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Normaler, noun, celebrated actor.

Normaler - n, 2011. Flarang Normaler is an award-winning actor from the planet Gorflax.  Most well-known for his breakout role in FROKING STROAT, a coming of age comedy about four teenage girls who undertake a cross-planet trip in one of their parents shuttlecraft.  He then went on to star in the critically acclaimed titular role of HERFLAT BERFLOAD, in which he played a middle-aged thumg farmer caring for his ailing parents and longing to publish his novel.  For his role in HERFLAT BERFLOAD, Normaler was nominated for twelve awards, and received the Berjic Dertula Award for Best Actor.
Proununciation: "Fluh-rang Nor-muh-lerr"

etymology: 7/8/11
Molly: i've got a mollexicon post that didn't happen with you!
Lisa: what!
; ;
Molly: i'm sorry!
i'm not
Molly: hahahaha
Molly: it's okay, i had to tag it myself
Lisa: [CRY]
Kyle: Yeah I know. That's an entirely fair description of me.
I'm way normaler than I think.
Molly: lawl
normaler is the name of an actor on Gorflax
Kyle: That sounds like a made up word too
Molly: Flarang Normaler, he's famous for his roles in FROKING STROAT and HERFLAT BERFLOAD
Molly: [mollexicon]
Kyle: Yeah I was going to say
Lisa: lolol

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm sorry, two people subscribing to this.  I took an accidental break last week as I was traveling, and this week I was too busy to string words together.

I will make every attempt to have a new hilarious definition for you next week.  <3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Revoluion - collective noun

[okay, so, apparently I was a big liar when I said that this week's post would be on time. SORRY FOR BEING A LIAR. <3]

Revoluion - n, 2011.  The term of venery for a grouping of three or more motuhs.  Example, "While walking past the pet store, I saw a revoluion of six or seven purple motuhs scurrying around in a cage."
pronunciation: "rev-oh-loo-yon"

Etymology: 7/21/11
i went to get lunch with nina. we caused a stir and started a revoluion
a revolution
Molly: wot?!
a revoluion is the collective term for a group of motuhs
so you can imagine my confusion
Lisa: yes, goodness!
we did not start any motuh colonies, i assure you

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hunry - noun, intelligent creature.

[I am sorry that this is late!  To make up for it, I chose one with a really long conversation.  Next week will be on time! -MP]

Hunry - n, 2011.  The Hunry is one of the more incredible race of people in the universe.  Native to the planet Fortuna, the Hunry people have settled on several planets in the Auspicious quadrant.  Omniverous in nature, the Hunry build elaborate tree-top houses.  They have excellent climbing skills due to their six limbs with numerous articulation points and twelve digits on the end of each limb.  Over the millenia, the peaceful Hunry have evolved to be skilled musicians and artisans.  Most notably, they developed the quarajk, an instrument that can be described as vaguely similar to the earth cello.
pronunciation: "Hun-ree"

etymology: 7/1/2011
me: i am STARVING today
i don't know what the DEAL is
so far i have had:
1 cup coffee
most of a water bottle
a diet pepsi
egg roll
leftover sesame chicken
bag of wheat thins toasted chips
and now i'm eating peanut M&Ms and finishing this pepsi
er, hungry
Lisa: goodness
me: hunry is a gigantic mammal found on the planet Fortuna in the Auspicious quadrant. It's omnivorous, and highly intelligent, and lives in the treetops
it's got six limbs, and uses the top four as we might use our arms
yet walks on all six
Lisa: the ausipicious quadrant?
me: at the end of their limbs are twelve small digits with numerous articulation points
Lisa: jeez
me: yes, the auspicious quadrant
it's about 700 Billion light years away
er, million
well, could be billion
we haven't measured past 70 Billion, tho
they're really far away, basically
they are the dominant species in their entire galaxy
Lisa: how is this girl DOING THIS
me: lol
Lisa: the running skipping dancing fiddle player of celtic woman
me: LOL
Lisa: well yeah, they would be
12 digits?
6 limbs?
now THAT is a dancing fiddle player i'd like to see
me: they're much thinner than our fingers, and spread out in a crescent shape
their keyboards are hella tough to use, though
Lisa: i bet. what're their fiddles like?
me: they don't use fiddles so much as things that look like really long cellos
those come in various shapes and sizes
but they have three necks
Lisa: the cellos?
me: with eight strings each
yes, the cellos
Lisa: so no dancing with them, then
me: and those strings all converge over the sound hole
Lisa: you'd need all six limbs to play them
me: and they use 2 bows and a special crank
yeah, they're played sitting down
the crank is like a foot pedal
Lisa: though if you're only bowing/plucking with one hand... you could do with just 4 limbs, and still prance around
i see
me: right, and that would produce a very interesting sound
some day i'll tell you about one of their famous musicians
Lisa: i look forward to that day
me: :D
Lisa: :-D
this was a very informative conversation about Hunrys
me: indeed
let's tag it again
just to make sure i get it all
me: hahahaha
Lisa: and this is twice i've cause to call you kirk
though technically i think the first time it was shatner
me: lol, yeah

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coruse - n, bustling metropolis.

Coruse - n, 2011. The city of Coruse is located on the main continent of the largest planet in the Centuron system, Gorflax.  Established shortly before the third and final unsuccessful Flaridian incursion, Coruse survived the war by mining and collecting a large quantity of fossil fuels to aid the war effort and supply the Velurig Fleet with industrial supplies.  Currently the second-largest city in the Centuron system, Coruse boasts a population of 6 million humanoid inhabitants, and a further 4 million sentient inhabitants that are otherwise physically classified.  The current governor, Jordel Forbvet, was appointed to the position after his predecessor and uncle, Sedret Forbvet, died at the age of 548.  Jordel is a direct descendant of Abedila Curgle, and cousin to the current Empress of Centuron, Grellis Curgle.  

Under Jordel's leadership, Coruse has received extensive praise for its policies on inter-special and interplanetary relations.  It has set the standard for improved living conditions planet-wide, and orchestrated monumental trade partnerships with major planets across the Centuron system and systems beyond.
pronunciation: "ko-russ"

Etymology: 7/7/11
me: of coruse, most of the time i am reading i dont' realize i am reading what i'm reading
Lisa: ...
me: then i get to the end of a paragraph and realize i've just skimmed, bit when i go back, i already had the info i needed
my mind is weird
Lisa: oh, yes that
no i get it
i have to sit and reread all the time
me: coruse is a large city on Gorflax
Lisa: how do you pronounce it?
me: Its main exports are fossil fuels and precious metals
Lisa: oh
i've been pronouncing it all wrong!

Friday, July 8, 2011


So, I've had a few people ask me where this stuff comes from.  The truth is, I have an extremely active imagination, not to mention the ability to bullshit my way out of most situations.

It's a gift.

That said, I'd be lying if I didn't cop to some serious inspiration from a plethora of quality web comics and Scifi series, both written and visual.

Firstly, what I generally picture in my head when writing up the definitions for these, is the art of Jonathan Rosenberg.  I've been reading his webcomic, Scenes From A Multiverse, since it began a year ago, but you may already know him from Goats, which he started posting in 1997.  [That's quite an archive.]

SFAM never EVER fails to get a giggle out of me.  Some of my favorite characters include The Corn God, Doctor Whoa, and Mrs. Spelt.

Another webcomic that floats to mind when I'm thinking up a Mollexicon post is Drive, by Dave Kellett.  He's another one that you may know of from his other long-running [2001!] webcomic, Sheldon.

Kellett has gone to great lengths to build a rich, detailed universe for his space opera.  Sprinkled throughout the comic are pages of historical documents, personnel files, and encyclopedia entries.  Excellent world-building, hilarious characters, and an intricate, yet easy-to-follow story make for one of my favorite comics on the web.

Continuing to plumb the vein of Space Opera, I'll talk a little bit about the first series I read as an impressionable youth.  Anne McCaffery's THE ROWAN.  I only managed to read the first three books, before I either lost interest, or my Dad couldn't find the rest at the used bookstore he would squirrel them home from.  I don't really remember why I stopped, but I definitely remember why I kept reading as long as I did.  Psychic powers!  Important women!  Interesting locales!  Empathetic cats!  I remember sitting in my room, reading something else, when my dad walked in and tossed me the first book.  "I just finished that, you'll like it."  That has happened a LOT in my life, and we continue to swap books today.

Another Dad Recommendation that has had a lot of influence over most of my creative endeavors is the STARDOC series by S.L. Viehl.  It's another series that I started as a tween, never managed to complete, yet remember fondly.  At that point in my life, my ADD was kicking in something fierce, and I had to have all of the parts together or I wouldn't finish a series.  I was voraciously consuming books, and if it wasn't ready right then and there, I moved onto the next set.

Which is what I do with television now.  Such as Farscape [Netflix and Wikipedia ], which is probably the most influential, at least as far as making up words.

Then there's Stargate SG-1, which is my darling favorite.  [Netflix and Wikipedia]

And of course, Firefly. [Netflix and Wikipedia.]

The various lists go on and on, and honestly, there's no way I could talk about everything in a coherent fashion, but these are the big ones.

I hope this has been informative, at least as much as the Mollexicon itself!  Stop by every Wednesday for a new definition.  And please, please feel free to ask me anything about any of the entries, or just in general.  Answering questions is excellent world-building practice!  <3

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wjat, v, medicinal process.

Wjat - v, 2011. To wjat is to cough up sputum produced by inhaling allergens.  The sputum is then mixed with fermented wheat liquor and used as a tincture to improve ones immune system.  The process is used by the cave people of P3X-575, a technologically primitive planet located on the outskirts of the Vega solar system.  [Side note: One may argue that their advanced knowledge of medicine indicates a higher than advertised intelligence.  However, the cave people have yet to display truly advanced knowledge of physics or mechanics.]
pronunciation: "hoo-what"

etymology: 5/2/11
Lisa: wjat
i mean, what?
Molly: i'm confused myself
Lisa: wow.
man your harem is crazy
look how worked up he got you
you didn't even define wjat
Molly: oh! wjat is the act of coughing up the sputum produced by inhaling a special pollen
Lisa: so THAT'S what that is...
Molly: wjatting is how the cave people of P3X-575 get vaccines
for allergies
Lisa: by wjatting?
Molly: yup
the sputum is then mixed with alcohol for a tincture

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Niec, n, insult.

Niec, n, 2011. A pejorative term used by the indigenous population on the dwarf planet Flarg, located in the Deneb system.  To call someone a "niec" is to imply that they are nothing more than a smearing of feces.
pronunciation: "neek"

etymology: 5/11/11
Lisa: i like hamish macbeth a lot. more than i thought i would
Molly: oh niec!
niec is an exclamation popular on a small planet in the Deneb system
loosely translated, it means "poop-stain."
Lisa: omg ew
[jazz hands]

[Note - it is Lisa's [sole] job to tag all definitions as "MOLLEXICON" during the conversation for ease of searching. I usually leave these exclamations off, but she did this one with such flourish that I couldn't resist. - MP]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Abedila Curgle - n, Empress of Centuron

Continuing our Space Opera theme, this installment of the Mollexicon comes from the same region of the 'Verse as Officer Rtight.

Abedila Curgle - n, 2011. Abedila Curgle, first of her house, Supreme Commander of the Velurig Fleet, Imperial Protector of the Centuron System.  Empress Curgle led the Velurig fleet in a successful rebellion against the oppressive Flarid Dominion, a dogmatic hive-mind race.  Under Curgle's intelligent and steadfast leadership, an industrious and thriving community was established in the Centuron System.
pronunciation: "Ab-ed-ill-ah" "Ker-gul"

etymology: 6/16/11
Lisa: she doesn't know them all
Molly: mua ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa*curgle*
Lisa: hey
Molly: Abedila Curgle was the first Empress of Centuron.
Lisa: hahaha
Lisa: anyway i thought we agreed you'd start practising your evil laugh after POSITIVE things
Molly: She came to power after a long, bloody campaign against the Flarid dominion
Lisa: well shit
Molly: The Flarid Dominion are a hive mind
this was all several generations before Angrenade Rtight's time, of course
Lisa: of course

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rtight - n, Decorated Soldier

Angrenade Rtight - n, 2011. Angrenade "Annie" Rtight was a highly respected officer in the Centuron System Republic Defense Force.  Born the middle child in an average, working class family, Rtight was encouraged by her parents to pursue an education in mechanical engineering.  After several years as a level-2 mechanic for the CSRDF, Rtight was the technician on duty when the Hargris Rebels attacked the small space station to which she was assigned.  She leaped into the craft she was changing the oil of and turned the hull-mounted pulse rifle to space and the approaching attackers. With two shots, she obliterated a pair of insurgents attempting entry and damaged the bay doors, which prevented them from opening to further attackers.  Rtight received the Defense Force Medal of Valor and a battlefield commission as Second Lieutenant.
pronunciation: "Ann-gren-aide Light"

etymology: 4/7/11
Lisa: well that'll teach you to listen to me
Molly: RTIGHT?
Lisa: what's that
Molly: it's the name of a great war hero of the Centuron system's plague wars
Angrenade Rtight
Lisa: oooo
Molly: she led the Velurig fleet to victory against the Hargris rebels
Lisa: oh it's a lady!
Molly: yus!
she goes by Annie
Lisa: hehe
[Sorry for the late update! I forgot to schedule this one.]

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muh - noun, dangerous rodent.

Muh - n, 2011.  A close cousin to the domesticated motuh, the muh lives wild in the frozen deserts of Titan.  Smaller than the motuh by an average of 3 inches, the muh has a beautiful, vibrantly colored pelt. Muhs were hunted briefly for their fur by human colonists, but the practice was abandoned in favor of cheaper synthetic textiles.  The muh's main defense against predators is a projected corrosive acid burst from glands in their anal region. 

etymology: 4/27/11
Molly: i had to scroll up so muh
Lisa: oh
Molly: muh is a close cousin to the motuh
Lisa: i'm just talking out loud now
Molly: they're essentially undomesticated motuhs, but instead of producing gum, they produce corrosive acid that they use as a weapon against predators
Lisa: o_o
Molly: yeah, they're pesky buggers
but they live in the desert, so humans don't come into contact with them too much

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piecse, noun, ceremonial tool.

Piecse - n, 2011.  A five to eight inch long curved knife used by an indigenous population of the planet Farlas, often for sentient fruit sacrifices to one of the many gods and goddesses of the polytheistic society.  The piecse is also used in cooking the family meal, as cooking is considered an act of prayer.  Food is a very important part of daily life, and ones piecse is treated with the utmost respect and reverence.  To steal or destroy another persons piecse is considered of the highest offense.
pronunciation: "peace"

etymology: 4/21/11
Lisa: oops
my hair clip broke
Molly: oops
it's the apocalypse
that's why your hairclip broke
Lisa: oh shit
Molly: a piecse is a ceremonial knife used by the indigenous people of the Grogianton Quarter on the planet Farlas.
Lisa: oooooh
Molly: they use it mostly for cutting fruit sacrifices and sometimes dinner
Lisa: hahaha
Molly: they're vegetarians, but that word is different for them as plants are sentient on Farlas
Lisa: fruit sacrifices
oh god!
the monsters
Molly: well, their "apples" are basically like our rabbits
we shouldn't judge them, Lisa!
Lisa: o_o
Molly: it's their way of LIFE
Lisa: |judges|

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adorabgle, n, infectious disease.

Adorabgle - n, 2011. An infectious condition causing small, fully-formed rabbits to ooze, pus-like, from the affected skin. Adorabgle is easily treated by a topical antibiotic, although extreme cases may require amputation.
pronunciation: "ah-dore-ab-gull"

etymology: 1/16/11
Molly: haaaaaah
that's adorabgle
"adorabgle" is a skin condition where tiny, fully-formed bunnies ooze from your pores
Molly: it's treated with a topical antibiotic.
Lisa: and EW

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shakings, noun, wondrous creature.

Shakings - n, 2011. A race of animal [probably] that defies any Earth classification.  Shakings are able to transport themselves, and any clingers-on, between dimensions thanks to extremely fast vibrations from the shakings skin.  It is best to wear goggles when traveling by Shaking, as the pressure of squeezing between dimensions may cause undue stress on the optical nerves.
pronunciation: "shay-kings"

etymology: 1/3/11
Molly: hallo
what's shakings
Lisa: i don['t know
what are they
Molly: shakings are little creatures that live on venus
Molly: they are about the size of a stapler
and they can move between dimensions by shaking themselves really fast
you can come along for the ride if you hold on to them while they're doing it

[personal note, tomorrow is my birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  I hope I get some motuh gum!]

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Motuh, n, beleaguered rodent.

Motuh - n, 2011. A small rodent native to Saturn's largest moon, Titan.  Motuhs are domesticated creatures, prized for companionship as house pets and chewing gum production.
pronunciation: "moe-tuh"

etymology: 1/10/11
Molly: and she's got a gigantic wad of gum in her mouth
and she's snapping it and talking through it
and i want to smack it out of her motuh
Lisa: ewwwww
Molly: a motuh is a small mouse found on Saturn's moon, Titan.
Lisa: you are going to smack the gum out of a small saturnalian moon mouse? :-(
Molly: well, that's how titanians get all of their gum
Lisa: LOL.
i see
Molly: it's actually the waste product of the motuh
Lisa: ...
so you're smacking the shit out of them
Molly: and to harvest it, they have to hold the mouse upside down by its tail and spank it
Lisa: loooool
Molly: it's good for the mouse, they don't have any natural way to expel the waste. they're domesticated creatures.
Lisa: someday i'm going to collect these and publish a book

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yeab, noun, annoying insect.

Yeab - n, 2011. A purple insect, similar in size and appearance to the Earth Grasshopper, from a planet in the Aldebaran system.  The name "Yeab" is an Earth designation due to the sound the yeab makes during its mating ritual by flapping its wings.
pronunciation: "yay-b"

etymology: 1/19/11
Molly: yeab
Lisa: i am waiting
Molly: waiting for what?
Lisa: for the mollexicon to tell me what a yeab is
Molly: godot?
Lisa: yes, and that
wow you really must be feeling ill
Molly: yeab is a small insect found only on a planet orbiting Aldebaran
Lisa: poor thing
Molly: the name comes from the sound it makes when it mates
Lisa: LOL
Molly: yeab yeab yeab yeab yeab yeab
yeeeeeeeab yeab yeab yeab yeab

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thent, noun, Stubborn Leader

Thent - n, 2011. Famous alien emperor of the Farfalle System of the Quaralelle Galaxy [Known Earth-side as the disrupted dwarf galaxy, Omega Centari]. Born twentieth in line for the throne, Thent outlived all 19 of his relatives by cryogenically freezing himself at the age of 356.78 [roughly 34 "Earth years."] for the equivalent of an Earth century.
pronunciation: "th-ent"

etymology: 3/1/11
Molly: thent his morning, my refund had come through!
Thent is the name of the thirteenth emperor of the Farfalle system in the Omega Centari Galaxy
of course, they call it the Quaralelle Galaxy
Lisa: LOL
Molly: which roughly translates to "Splash"
Lisa: of course

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Be Moth, noun, Fearsome Negotiators

Be Moth - n, 2011. A race of aliens universally known for their problem-solving skills.
pronunciation: "bee-mawth"

etymology: 1/5/11

Lisa: hmmmmmm
i'm so sleepy
Molly: you and me both, sister
Lisa: lol
Molly: be moth
Lisa: ....
Molly: that is an outer-space alien
from the K'ath Tar Guadrant
they don't have gender
or fear
or the need to eat regularly
they are the perfect warriors
or diplomats, for that matter
Lisa: LOL.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LunchTim, noun, Small Town Institution

LunchTim - n, 2010. A small corner diner run by retired naval Petty Officer Tim Doogan.  A review from the Springfield Township Examiner, "Doogan makes the best egg salad sandwiches this side of the Mississippi."
pronunciation: "lunch-tim"

and lol enchienchiladas
like, mexican french dog lunchtim
that is a corner diner
owned by Tim Doogan
he was in the navy for thirty years
and retired to make egg salad sandwiches instead
Lisa: LOL
Molly: :D :D
Lisa: lol
Molly: blaughguaghuagh
that's me saying "blarney stone" through a mouth-full of egg.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sugaro - noun, sports legend, mystical hero.

Sugaro - n, 2010. An amputee Mexican wrestler famous for his signature moves, the Hamhock, the Whirling Dervish, the Fiesta Buster, and the Giant Fly.
pronunciation: "shoo-gar-oh"

etymology: 3/29/10
Lisa: aw
buck up sugaropuss
LOL i don't know what happened
Lisa: it's -- yes
Molly: lawl
Lisa: lolol clearly i meant sugarpuss but it's not funny anymore now
Molly: hahahahaha
sure it is
Lisa: [cry] you're just saying that
Lisa: story time!
Molly: he lost it in a mining accident
Lisa: oh jeez
he's a minor??
he shouldn't be wrestling!
Molly: no, he's over 18
Lisa: oh good
Molly: he's like, forty-five
Lisa: i was going to demand his permission slip
oh ok
Molly: but still SPRY
Lisa: hahaha
Molly: indeed
bit of a paunch, but nothing that gets in the way of his EXTREME MOVES
which include:
the Hamhock
the Whirling Dervish
the Fiesta Buster
and, my personal favorite, the Giant Fly
where he drinks a fifth of spanish fly and then WIGS OUT at you until you pee your pants and run away.
it is a sight to behold.
Lisa: WHOA
i almost did just thinkinga bout it!
Molly: RIGHT. he is undefeated.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is the Mollexicon?

Basically, I make up definitions to typos on the fly and then post them here. Really, that's all there is to it.

Check out the archives for some hilarity, and I'll try to organize the tags in a semi-rational fashion.

All of the definitions in the Mollexicon are copyright to me, Molly Price, as much as that is even possible with crap that is made up on the internet. Don't be a dick and make money off of this stuff, because then you'd be, well, a dick. I may grant exceptions, but you'll have to pay me [or be my roommate]. Probably.

Avoid dickish behavior.

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