Thursday, July 28, 2011

Revoluion - collective noun

[okay, so, apparently I was a big liar when I said that this week's post would be on time. SORRY FOR BEING A LIAR. <3]

Revoluion - n, 2011.  The term of venery for a grouping of three or more motuhs.  Example, "While walking past the pet store, I saw a revoluion of six or seven purple motuhs scurrying around in a cage."
pronunciation: "rev-oh-loo-yon"

Etymology: 7/21/11
i went to get lunch with nina. we caused a stir and started a revoluion
a revolution
Molly: wot?!
a revoluion is the collective term for a group of motuhs
so you can imagine my confusion
Lisa: yes, goodness!
we did not start any motuh colonies, i assure you

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