Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coruse - n, bustling metropolis.

Coruse - n, 2011. The city of Coruse is located on the main continent of the largest planet in the Centuron system, Gorflax.  Established shortly before the third and final unsuccessful Flaridian incursion, Coruse survived the war by mining and collecting a large quantity of fossil fuels to aid the war effort and supply the Velurig Fleet with industrial supplies.  Currently the second-largest city in the Centuron system, Coruse boasts a population of 6 million humanoid inhabitants, and a further 4 million sentient inhabitants that are otherwise physically classified.  The current governor, Jordel Forbvet, was appointed to the position after his predecessor and uncle, Sedret Forbvet, died at the age of 548.  Jordel is a direct descendant of Abedila Curgle, and cousin to the current Empress of Centuron, Grellis Curgle.  

Under Jordel's leadership, Coruse has received extensive praise for its policies on inter-special and interplanetary relations.  It has set the standard for improved living conditions planet-wide, and orchestrated monumental trade partnerships with major planets across the Centuron system and systems beyond.
pronunciation: "ko-russ"

Etymology: 7/7/11
me: of coruse, most of the time i am reading i dont' realize i am reading what i'm reading
Lisa: ...
me: then i get to the end of a paragraph and realize i've just skimmed, bit when i go back, i already had the info i needed
my mind is weird
Lisa: oh, yes that
no i get it
i have to sit and reread all the time
me: coruse is a large city on Gorflax
Lisa: how do you pronounce it?
me: Its main exports are fossil fuels and precious metals
Lisa: oh
i've been pronouncing it all wrong!

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