Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Niec, n, insult.

Niec, n, 2011. A pejorative term used by the indigenous population on the dwarf planet Flarg, located in the Deneb system.  To call someone a "niec" is to imply that they are nothing more than a smearing of feces.
pronunciation: "neek"

etymology: 5/11/11
Lisa: i like hamish macbeth a lot. more than i thought i would
Molly: oh niec!
niec is an exclamation popular on a small planet in the Deneb system
loosely translated, it means "poop-stain."
Lisa: omg ew
[jazz hands]

[Note - it is Lisa's [sole] job to tag all definitions as "MOLLEXICON" during the conversation for ease of searching. I usually leave these exclamations off, but she did this one with such flourish that I couldn't resist. - MP]

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Abedila Curgle - n, Empress of Centuron

Continuing our Space Opera theme, this installment of the Mollexicon comes from the same region of the 'Verse as Officer Rtight.

Abedila Curgle - n, 2011. Abedila Curgle, first of her house, Supreme Commander of the Velurig Fleet, Imperial Protector of the Centuron System.  Empress Curgle led the Velurig fleet in a successful rebellion against the oppressive Flarid Dominion, a dogmatic hive-mind race.  Under Curgle's intelligent and steadfast leadership, an industrious and thriving community was established in the Centuron System.
pronunciation: "Ab-ed-ill-ah" "Ker-gul"

etymology: 6/16/11
Lisa: she doesn't know them all
Molly: mua ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa*curgle*
Lisa: hey
Molly: Abedila Curgle was the first Empress of Centuron.
Lisa: hahaha
Lisa: anyway i thought we agreed you'd start practising your evil laugh after POSITIVE things
Molly: She came to power after a long, bloody campaign against the Flarid dominion
Lisa: well shit
Molly: The Flarid Dominion are a hive mind
this was all several generations before Angrenade Rtight's time, of course
Lisa: of course

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rtight - n, Decorated Soldier

Angrenade Rtight - n, 2011. Angrenade "Annie" Rtight was a highly respected officer in the Centuron System Republic Defense Force.  Born the middle child in an average, working class family, Rtight was encouraged by her parents to pursue an education in mechanical engineering.  After several years as a level-2 mechanic for the CSRDF, Rtight was the technician on duty when the Hargris Rebels attacked the small space station to which she was assigned.  She leaped into the craft she was changing the oil of and turned the hull-mounted pulse rifle to space and the approaching attackers. With two shots, she obliterated a pair of insurgents attempting entry and damaged the bay doors, which prevented them from opening to further attackers.  Rtight received the Defense Force Medal of Valor and a battlefield commission as Second Lieutenant.
pronunciation: "Ann-gren-aide Light"

etymology: 4/7/11
Lisa: well that'll teach you to listen to me
Molly: RTIGHT?
Lisa: what's that
Molly: it's the name of a great war hero of the Centuron system's plague wars
Angrenade Rtight
Lisa: oooo
Molly: she led the Velurig fleet to victory against the Hargris rebels
Lisa: oh it's a lady!
Molly: yus!
she goes by Annie
Lisa: hehe
[Sorry for the late update! I forgot to schedule this one.]

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muh - noun, dangerous rodent.

Muh - n, 2011.  A close cousin to the domesticated motuh, the muh lives wild in the frozen deserts of Titan.  Smaller than the motuh by an average of 3 inches, the muh has a beautiful, vibrantly colored pelt. Muhs were hunted briefly for their fur by human colonists, but the practice was abandoned in favor of cheaper synthetic textiles.  The muh's main defense against predators is a projected corrosive acid burst from glands in their anal region. 

etymology: 4/27/11
Molly: i had to scroll up so muh
Lisa: oh
Molly: muh is a close cousin to the motuh
Lisa: i'm just talking out loud now
Molly: they're essentially undomesticated motuhs, but instead of producing gum, they produce corrosive acid that they use as a weapon against predators
Lisa: o_o
Molly: yeah, they're pesky buggers
but they live in the desert, so humans don't come into contact with them too much

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piecse, noun, ceremonial tool.

Piecse - n, 2011.  A five to eight inch long curved knife used by an indigenous population of the planet Farlas, often for sentient fruit sacrifices to one of the many gods and goddesses of the polytheistic society.  The piecse is also used in cooking the family meal, as cooking is considered an act of prayer.  Food is a very important part of daily life, and ones piecse is treated with the utmost respect and reverence.  To steal or destroy another persons piecse is considered of the highest offense.
pronunciation: "peace"

etymology: 4/21/11
Lisa: oops
my hair clip broke
Molly: oops
it's the apocalypse
that's why your hairclip broke
Lisa: oh shit
Molly: a piecse is a ceremonial knife used by the indigenous people of the Grogianton Quarter on the planet Farlas.
Lisa: oooooh
Molly: they use it mostly for cutting fruit sacrifices and sometimes dinner
Lisa: hahaha
Molly: they're vegetarians, but that word is different for them as plants are sentient on Farlas
Lisa: fruit sacrifices
oh god!
the monsters
Molly: well, their "apples" are basically like our rabbits
we shouldn't judge them, Lisa!
Lisa: o_o
Molly: it's their way of LIFE
Lisa: |judges|