Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Muh - noun, dangerous rodent.

Muh - n, 2011.  A close cousin to the domesticated motuh, the muh lives wild in the frozen deserts of Titan.  Smaller than the motuh by an average of 3 inches, the muh has a beautiful, vibrantly colored pelt. Muhs were hunted briefly for their fur by human colonists, but the practice was abandoned in favor of cheaper synthetic textiles.  The muh's main defense against predators is a projected corrosive acid burst from glands in their anal region. 

etymology: 4/27/11
Molly: i had to scroll up so muh
Lisa: oh
Molly: muh is a close cousin to the motuh
Lisa: i'm just talking out loud now
Molly: they're essentially undomesticated motuhs, but instead of producing gum, they produce corrosive acid that they use as a weapon against predators
Lisa: o_o
Molly: yeah, they're pesky buggers
but they live in the desert, so humans don't come into contact with them too much

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