Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rtight - n, Decorated Soldier

Angrenade Rtight - n, 2011. Angrenade "Annie" Rtight was a highly respected officer in the Centuron System Republic Defense Force.  Born the middle child in an average, working class family, Rtight was encouraged by her parents to pursue an education in mechanical engineering.  After several years as a level-2 mechanic for the CSRDF, Rtight was the technician on duty when the Hargris Rebels attacked the small space station to which she was assigned.  She leaped into the craft she was changing the oil of and turned the hull-mounted pulse rifle to space and the approaching attackers. With two shots, she obliterated a pair of insurgents attempting entry and damaged the bay doors, which prevented them from opening to further attackers.  Rtight received the Defense Force Medal of Valor and a battlefield commission as Second Lieutenant.
pronunciation: "Ann-gren-aide Light"

etymology: 4/7/11
Lisa: well that'll teach you to listen to me
Molly: RTIGHT?
Lisa: what's that
Molly: it's the name of a great war hero of the Centuron system's plague wars
Angrenade Rtight
Lisa: oooo
Molly: she led the Velurig fleet to victory against the Hargris rebels
Lisa: oh it's a lady!
Molly: yus!
she goes by Annie
Lisa: hehe
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