Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Somet Hings, noun, renowned engineer

Somet Hings - n, 2011. Born two centuries before Abedila Curgle, Somet Hings was paving the way for the amazing generations to come with her many contributions to science and engineering.  After graduating top of her class from Glerac Hurglat University with double degrees in engineering and physics, Somat Hings turned her eyes to the sky and never looked back.  Six years after leaving GHU, Somat sought a patent for Gorflax's first inter-planetary spacecraft, capable of making a 225 million kilometer trek in 1 month, almost single-handedly making it possible to explore and colonize other worlds in the Centuron System.
Pronunciation: "So-met" "Hings" rhymes with "rings."

Etymology: 8/19/11
Lisa: Also I am now taping a show on animal planet called tanked that is apparently about people who make amazing fish tanks
Molly: kk
oh neat!
we need to clear somet hings off
somet hings was a Centuron physicist
she's credited with creating the first spaceship capable of inter-planetary travel.
Lisa: Ooooh
Molly: :D
in fact, space-ships from that era are referred to as "Somet-class" ships
Lisa: Oooooh

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wrird, noun, onomatopoeia.

Wrird - n, 2011. The soothing sound made by a particular flying creature on the planet Flarg.  

Etymology: 6/30/11
Molly: hunh
doctors are wrird
Lisa: yah
Molly: wrird is the sound a flying creature makes on Flarg
Lisa: all flying creatures?
Molly: no, just a particular one
Lisa: which one?
Molly: it's not a bird, per se, but it flies. they take pebbles into their mouths and then expel spit through them
the air and water makes a "wrirdrdrdrdrd" sound as it comes out
Lisa: oooh
Molly: lawl
i'll have to make another typo to come up with the name of the creature

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Normaler, noun, celebrated actor.

Normaler - n, 2011. Flarang Normaler is an award-winning actor from the planet Gorflax.  Most well-known for his breakout role in FROKING STROAT, a coming of age comedy about four teenage girls who undertake a cross-planet trip in one of their parents shuttlecraft.  He then went on to star in the critically acclaimed titular role of HERFLAT BERFLOAD, in which he played a middle-aged thumg farmer caring for his ailing parents and longing to publish his novel.  For his role in HERFLAT BERFLOAD, Normaler was nominated for twelve awards, and received the Berjic Dertula Award for Best Actor.
Proununciation: "Fluh-rang Nor-muh-lerr"

etymology: 7/8/11
Molly: i've got a mollexicon post that didn't happen with you!
Lisa: what!
; ;
Molly: i'm sorry!
i'm not
Molly: hahahaha
Molly: it's okay, i had to tag it myself
Lisa: [CRY]
Kyle: Yeah I know. That's an entirely fair description of me.
I'm way normaler than I think.
Molly: lawl
normaler is the name of an actor on Gorflax
Kyle: That sounds like a made up word too
Molly: Flarang Normaler, he's famous for his roles in FROKING STROAT and HERFLAT BERFLOAD
Molly: [mollexicon]
Kyle: Yeah I was going to say
Lisa: lolol

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm sorry, two people subscribing to this.  I took an accidental break last week as I was traveling, and this week I was too busy to string words together.

I will make every attempt to have a new hilarious definition for you next week.  <3