Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wrird, noun, onomatopoeia.

Wrird - n, 2011. The soothing sound made by a particular flying creature on the planet Flarg.  

Etymology: 6/30/11
Molly: hunh
doctors are wrird
Lisa: yah
Molly: wrird is the sound a flying creature makes on Flarg
Lisa: all flying creatures?
Molly: no, just a particular one
Lisa: which one?
Molly: it's not a bird, per se, but it flies. they take pebbles into their mouths and then expel spit through them
the air and water makes a "wrirdrdrdrdrd" sound as it comes out
Lisa: oooh
Molly: lawl
i'll have to make another typo to come up with the name of the creature

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