Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adorabgle, n, infectious disease.

Adorabgle - n, 2011. An infectious condition causing small, fully-formed rabbits to ooze, pus-like, from the affected skin. Adorabgle is easily treated by a topical antibiotic, although extreme cases may require amputation.
pronunciation: "ah-dore-ab-gull"

etymology: 1/16/11
Molly: haaaaaah
that's adorabgle
"adorabgle" is a skin condition where tiny, fully-formed bunnies ooze from your pores
Molly: it's treated with a topical antibiotic.
Lisa: and EW

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shakings, noun, wondrous creature.

Shakings - n, 2011. A race of animal [probably] that defies any Earth classification.  Shakings are able to transport themselves, and any clingers-on, between dimensions thanks to extremely fast vibrations from the shakings skin.  It is best to wear goggles when traveling by Shaking, as the pressure of squeezing between dimensions may cause undue stress on the optical nerves.
pronunciation: "shay-kings"

etymology: 1/3/11
Molly: hallo
what's shakings
Lisa: i don['t know
what are they
Molly: shakings are little creatures that live on venus
Molly: they are about the size of a stapler
and they can move between dimensions by shaking themselves really fast
you can come along for the ride if you hold on to them while they're doing it

[personal note, tomorrow is my birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  I hope I get some motuh gum!]

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Motuh, n, beleaguered rodent.

Motuh - n, 2011. A small rodent native to Saturn's largest moon, Titan.  Motuhs are domesticated creatures, prized for companionship as house pets and chewing gum production.
pronunciation: "moe-tuh"

etymology: 1/10/11
Molly: and she's got a gigantic wad of gum in her mouth
and she's snapping it and talking through it
and i want to smack it out of her motuh
Lisa: ewwwww
Molly: a motuh is a small mouse found on Saturn's moon, Titan.
Lisa: you are going to smack the gum out of a small saturnalian moon mouse? :-(
Molly: well, that's how titanians get all of their gum
Lisa: LOL.
i see
Molly: it's actually the waste product of the motuh
Lisa: ...
so you're smacking the shit out of them
Molly: and to harvest it, they have to hold the mouse upside down by its tail and spank it
Lisa: loooool
Molly: it's good for the mouse, they don't have any natural way to expel the waste. they're domesticated creatures.
Lisa: someday i'm going to collect these and publish a book

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yeab, noun, annoying insect.

Yeab - n, 2011. A purple insect, similar in size and appearance to the Earth Grasshopper, from a planet in the Aldebaran system.  The name "Yeab" is an Earth designation due to the sound the yeab makes during its mating ritual by flapping its wings.
pronunciation: "yay-b"

etymology: 1/19/11
Molly: yeab
Lisa: i am waiting
Molly: waiting for what?
Lisa: for the mollexicon to tell me what a yeab is
Molly: godot?
Lisa: yes, and that
wow you really must be feeling ill
Molly: yeab is a small insect found only on a planet orbiting Aldebaran
Lisa: poor thing
Molly: the name comes from the sound it makes when it mates
Lisa: LOL
Molly: yeab yeab yeab yeab yeab yeab
yeeeeeeeab yeab yeab yeab yeab