Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shakings, noun, wondrous creature.

Shakings - n, 2011. A race of animal [probably] that defies any Earth classification.  Shakings are able to transport themselves, and any clingers-on, between dimensions thanks to extremely fast vibrations from the shakings skin.  It is best to wear goggles when traveling by Shaking, as the pressure of squeezing between dimensions may cause undue stress on the optical nerves.
pronunciation: "shay-kings"

etymology: 1/3/11
Molly: hallo
what's shakings
Lisa: i don['t know
what are they
Molly: shakings are little creatures that live on venus
Molly: they are about the size of a stapler
and they can move between dimensions by shaking themselves really fast
you can come along for the ride if you hold on to them while they're doing it

[personal note, tomorrow is my birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  I hope I get some motuh gum!]

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