Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Motuh, n, beleaguered rodent.

Motuh - n, 2011. A small rodent native to Saturn's largest moon, Titan.  Motuhs are domesticated creatures, prized for companionship as house pets and chewing gum production.
pronunciation: "moe-tuh"

etymology: 1/10/11
Molly: and she's got a gigantic wad of gum in her mouth
and she's snapping it and talking through it
and i want to smack it out of her motuh
Lisa: ewwwww
Molly: a motuh is a small mouse found on Saturn's moon, Titan.
Lisa: you are going to smack the gum out of a small saturnalian moon mouse? :-(
Molly: well, that's how titanians get all of their gum
Lisa: LOL.
i see
Molly: it's actually the waste product of the motuh
Lisa: ...
so you're smacking the shit out of them
Molly: and to harvest it, they have to hold the mouse upside down by its tail and spank it
Lisa: loooool
Molly: it's good for the mouse, they don't have any natural way to expel the waste. they're domesticated creatures.
Lisa: someday i'm going to collect these and publish a book

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