Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Niec, n, insult.

Niec, n, 2011. A pejorative term used by the indigenous population on the dwarf planet Flarg, located in the Deneb system.  To call someone a "niec" is to imply that they are nothing more than a smearing of feces.
pronunciation: "neek"

etymology: 5/11/11
Lisa: i like hamish macbeth a lot. more than i thought i would
Molly: oh niec!
niec is an exclamation popular on a small planet in the Deneb system
loosely translated, it means "poop-stain."
Lisa: omg ew
[jazz hands]

[Note - it is Lisa's [sole] job to tag all definitions as "MOLLEXICON" during the conversation for ease of searching. I usually leave these exclamations off, but she did this one with such flourish that I couldn't resist. - MP]


  1. I like to think that in addition to tagging posts, I provide the "uninformed audience" role that allows you to so naturally launch into definitions, as well as provide some reactionary humour, like "EW" or "loooool."

  2. That's true. It's v. gratifying.