Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hunry - noun, intelligent creature.

[I am sorry that this is late!  To make up for it, I chose one with a really long conversation.  Next week will be on time! -MP]

Hunry - n, 2011.  The Hunry is one of the more incredible race of people in the universe.  Native to the planet Fortuna, the Hunry people have settled on several planets in the Auspicious quadrant.  Omniverous in nature, the Hunry build elaborate tree-top houses.  They have excellent climbing skills due to their six limbs with numerous articulation points and twelve digits on the end of each limb.  Over the millenia, the peaceful Hunry have evolved to be skilled musicians and artisans.  Most notably, they developed the quarajk, an instrument that can be described as vaguely similar to the earth cello.
pronunciation: "Hun-ree"

etymology: 7/1/2011
me: i am STARVING today
i don't know what the DEAL is
so far i have had:
1 cup coffee
most of a water bottle
a diet pepsi
egg roll
leftover sesame chicken
bag of wheat thins toasted chips
and now i'm eating peanut M&Ms and finishing this pepsi
er, hungry
Lisa: goodness
me: hunry is a gigantic mammal found on the planet Fortuna in the Auspicious quadrant. It's omnivorous, and highly intelligent, and lives in the treetops
it's got six limbs, and uses the top four as we might use our arms
yet walks on all six
Lisa: the ausipicious quadrant?
me: at the end of their limbs are twelve small digits with numerous articulation points
Lisa: jeez
me: yes, the auspicious quadrant
it's about 700 Billion light years away
er, million
well, could be billion
we haven't measured past 70 Billion, tho
they're really far away, basically
they are the dominant species in their entire galaxy
Lisa: how is this girl DOING THIS
me: lol
Lisa: the running skipping dancing fiddle player of celtic woman
me: LOL
Lisa: well yeah, they would be
12 digits?
6 limbs?
now THAT is a dancing fiddle player i'd like to see
me: they're much thinner than our fingers, and spread out in a crescent shape
their keyboards are hella tough to use, though
Lisa: i bet. what're their fiddles like?
me: they don't use fiddles so much as things that look like really long cellos
those come in various shapes and sizes
but they have three necks
Lisa: the cellos?
me: with eight strings each
yes, the cellos
Lisa: so no dancing with them, then
me: and those strings all converge over the sound hole
Lisa: you'd need all six limbs to play them
me: and they use 2 bows and a special crank
yeah, they're played sitting down
the crank is like a foot pedal
Lisa: though if you're only bowing/plucking with one hand... you could do with just 4 limbs, and still prance around
i see
me: right, and that would produce a very interesting sound
some day i'll tell you about one of their famous musicians
Lisa: i look forward to that day
me: :D
Lisa: :-D
this was a very informative conversation about Hunrys
me: indeed
let's tag it again
just to make sure i get it all
me: hahahaha
Lisa: and this is twice i've cause to call you kirk
though technically i think the first time it was shatner
me: lol, yeah

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