Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thent, noun, Stubborn Leader

Thent - n, 2011. Famous alien emperor of the Farfalle System of the Quaralelle Galaxy [Known Earth-side as the disrupted dwarf galaxy, Omega Centari]. Born twentieth in line for the throne, Thent outlived all 19 of his relatives by cryogenically freezing himself at the age of 356.78 [roughly 34 "Earth years."] for the equivalent of an Earth century.
pronunciation: "th-ent"

etymology: 3/1/11
Molly: thent his morning, my refund had come through!
Thent is the name of the thirteenth emperor of the Farfalle system in the Omega Centari Galaxy
of course, they call it the Quaralelle Galaxy
Lisa: LOL
Molly: which roughly translates to "Splash"
Lisa: of course

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