Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OH SHIT IT'S WEDNESDAY. I mean... Freenow, noun, Planetary System

Freenow - 2011, n. Freenow a planetary system of 4 [Four] known gas giants orbiting a white dwarf-pulsar binary system.  The two largest planets have several moons apiece whose conditions could be favorable for harboring bacteria if temperatures allowed.  However, very little liquid water has been found thus far.  Surveillance of the system is limited by the slow advancement of interstellar probe technology.
pronunciation: "frey-now"

etymology: 9/27/11
Molly: i just got done wrestling a bear
i mean SAP
Molly: did nina tell you
wifi at jury duty is freenow
free now
the Freenow system is an enormous cluster of gas giants orbiting a pulsar about 60 million light years from earth.
Lisa: oooh
is there life?
Molly: some of the larger planets have moons that are possibly harboring bacteria, but only a few have liquid water and remotely breathable air.
Lisa: hmm
are the instruments calibrated for lifeforms that breathe sulfur?
Molly: they need to send probes, but it would take many years to reach them
Lisa: But I wanna know now! damnit, science.
Molly: they need better rockets!
Lisa: right??
let's build one

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