Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caldenar - n, thriving Duchy.

Caldenar - noun, 2011. The peaceful Duchy of Caldenar is the largest royal estate on the planet of Jeldin, surpassing in size even the Kingdom of Derkan.  The chief export of Caldenar is a masterfully woven cloth, made from the hair of the domesticated Flyder, which is their national animal.  Caldenar is largely grassy, with great rolling planes perfectly suited to support the herbivorous Flyder, which then provides a plethora of byproducts from milk and fur to fuel and physical power for farming.  The citizens of Caldenar enjoy a relatively high standard of living and a temperate year-round climate.  Technology of Caldenar is equivalent to that of Earth's Ninth Century England.
pronunciation: "Kal-den-arr"

Etymology: 8/18/11
Molly: put it on the caldenar and i'll copy it to mine
Lisa: alrighty
Molly: Caldenar is a small duchy on the planet Jeldin.
Lisa: omg i read douchey
Molly: it's chief exports are woven cloth, dyed "wool" [not made from sheep, but rather a large hairy mammal called the Flyder] and organic milk.
Lisa: effin douchey planets
Molly: also from the flyder
Lisa: Flyder
are my favourite Caldenari critters
Molly: [mollexicon]
Lisa: oh right my job

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  1. So do the Flyder hang out in these great rolling planes? Do those planes ever take off and fly the Flyder around from place to place? It sounds like a pretty cushy arrangement to me.