Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wjat, v, medicinal process.

Wjat - v, 2011. To wjat is to cough up sputum produced by inhaling allergens.  The sputum is then mixed with fermented wheat liquor and used as a tincture to improve ones immune system.  The process is used by the cave people of P3X-575, a technologically primitive planet located on the outskirts of the Vega solar system.  [Side note: One may argue that their advanced knowledge of medicine indicates a higher than advertised intelligence.  However, the cave people have yet to display truly advanced knowledge of physics or mechanics.]
pronunciation: "hoo-what"

etymology: 5/2/11
Lisa: wjat
i mean, what?
Molly: i'm confused myself
Lisa: wow.
man your harem is crazy
look how worked up he got you
you didn't even define wjat
Molly: oh! wjat is the act of coughing up the sputum produced by inhaling a special pollen
Lisa: so THAT'S what that is...
Molly: wjatting is how the cave people of P3X-575 get vaccines
for allergies
Lisa: by wjatting?
Molly: yup
the sputum is then mixed with alcohol for a tincture


  1. Biblical fact: Jesus wjatted onto a man's face, effectively curing the man's blindness. True story.